About Skeppa

Who are we?

Welcome to Skeppa!

We are a shipping company with operations in Linköping and Västervik. We have a number of vessels of various types. We offer trips on the water to various destinations as well as guided tours on board our boats.

We are based in Hammarö, an archipelago town on the shores of Lake Vänern in the Värmland region. We love boats and have a special passion for wooden boats. We have a bunch of them and have spent many hours restoring and renovating a number of boats from the first half of the 20th century.

Our goal, in addition to allowing as many people as possible to experience a day on the water, is to not let the cultural treasure that is our wooden boats fall into disrepair.

We warmly welcome you aboard our boats! / Skeppa crew ⚓️

Welcome to travel with us in 2022.